Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches- How to Identify Them?

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches
Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Bugs that look like cockroaches go here and there in the home. They are insects that hanker after small prey. These bugs look like termites and cockroaches. Their reckless activities warn homeowners who have to take preventive care to resist foreign elements. Bugs, termites, cockroaches, and other small living entities build up colonies to dominate in your home. This article gives you a quick overview of the bugs and their similarity with cockroaches in brown color. Know about the traits, and behaviors of these bugs. 

Misconception about Bugs 

Computer bugging is a different area of concern. The physical existence of bugs and their heirs is palpable. A common myth about bugs is that these insects look like cockroaches. In water tanks, you will find smoky brown colored cockroaches to wallow in the turbid water. You can’t take it as the water bugs. The fact is that there are many other insects like scorpions, striders, and “water bug that looks like a cockroach“. So, you should not mention specifically that the water bugs resemble cockroaches. Certainly, extensive research gives you more information about the types, characteristics, and other aspects of the insects. 

Belostomatidae Line-up

The confusion starts with the general conception of “bugs that look like cockroach”. The common type of water bug is the heir to Belostomatidae. It is an insect that has an opal shape in brownish hue. It crawls and swims in cool dirty water. You can be surprised when you compare it with the cockroach. The three to four inches long bug looks like a bug but there is also a difference. The roach has the typical behavior and it is not the same as the water bug. People easily identify the yellowish color American cockroach. 

Different Traits

Usually, the bug has two front legs that are pincers shaped for catching food. The cockroaches have antennas to sense the obstruction. The bugs have no such antennas. Instead, the bugs have strong beaks which are used for eating insects. Another prominent dissimilarity with the cockroach is the behavioral pattern. Bugs like the daylight to expose them.

Cockroaches prefer dark cool places. They do not come outside hideouts during that time usually. Cockroaches and other bugs also bite. Beetles and water bugs have beaks to attack. Roaches have no basic instinct to bite humans. They are passive to invade humans when they roam on the floor. Bugs react harshly if they are equipped with strong beaks or teeth to resist enemies. 

Difference between Palmetto Bug and Cockroach 

Palmetto bugs and cockroaches are not vastly different. American roaches are also known as bugs with similar traits. Florida wood roaches are also available in palmetto bushes with green leaves to hide these insects. Palmetto bugs can fly to hover around your head.

They pursue in light. You will track this type of insect or bug in gutters, sewers, and piles of broken wood furniture. In darkness, they lurk their bodies to wait for the arrival of the daylight. If you unlock your kitchen door and put on your lamps, Palmetto bugs flap their wings to take flight in the air. 

Types of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Types of bugs that look like cockroaches are varied. These bugs confuse people due to their resemblance to roaches. Researchers identify these variants that can cope with roaches. 


Crickets have three to four-inch bodies going neck to neck with roaches in sizes. Their body color is black or dark brown. Unlike cockroaches, the crickets produce chirping and screaming sounds. Roaches do not chirp. Larger crickets also bite but they do not live in homes. These crickets are seen in the forest and small bushes in the backyard. 

Giant Water Bugs

Giant water bugs choose the wetland, in the corners of the water pond and lakes. They have moderately big sizes to challenge the roaches. These insects are water-borne and they do not like to wander on the land. Giant water bugs have no tentacles like roaches. 

June Bugs/May Beetles

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

June bugs are nice because of their awesome color. The reddish brown or jet-black hue covers the body of the June Bug. May beetles are also active in searching for their food. After the dusk in May, they are seen. They are named after months- June and May. On your glass window panes, you will see June bugs striking the glass surface with beaks. They have hunch-like buttocks to become large size compared to the roaches. 

How to Prevent Bugs?

A bug that looks like a cockroach is not a termite. The two insects are competitors to spread their regime in homes. Bugs and termites are harmful to you. All of your wooden furniture pieces seem, to be on the verge of destruction due to the onsets of bugs. Even you can’t go anywhere leaving your home behind. You should take prompt action to manage bugs, termites, and cockroaches. 

Clean Nooks and Corners 

Clean the nooks and corners of your home as much as you can. There should not be any torn paper rolled in a packet. The dirty linen, wood dust, and other junk materials are ideal places for critters. For this reason, keep all unwanted weeds and useless components out of rooms for sanitization. 

Spray Anti-pest Medicine

A strong odor of anti-pest solution fills up the air of the room giving you security. All the critters, termites, and bugs depart within a few minutes after the spray. Even small holes, niches, and dark hollow places can be injected with powerful anti-termite/pest control chemical solutions. 

Hire Professional Bug Management Team 

Often, a homeowner can’t tackle a lot of critters, bugs, and termites. They are not sure how to drive away all these nasty elements for the protection of their family members. Especially children are not safe when they stay in the rooms. Expensive wood planks and other artifacts are endangered due to the presence of bugs. In that case, professional bug management experts can be booked to stop the faster expansion of the bugs at home. 

Online Free Mentorship and DIY Training 

To manage pests and bugs, people should visit the free online training centers to learn the tactics of removing bugs. This type of virtual training for people is essential. You can destroy the bugs by using advanced technology and medicines. 


Bugs are not roaches. They have different characteristics to create a lot of difference from other critters. Cockroaches have tentacles and they can suck blood or juice. Bugs are varied and they can enter your house for living. Through proper bug management treatment, you can expect a timely positive result. Bug that looks like cockroach is not brethren of roach families. They belong to different communities. 


Q: What is a bug?

A: The bug is an insect which is of different types. 

Q: What is a termite?

A: Termites are also small insects that do not bite humans. 

Q: Does a bug have a wing to fly?

A: A few numbers of bugs can fly. Water bugs often start soaring up with flapping wings. However, their life span is short.

Q: Where does a bug live?

A: Bugs prefer the forest, wood piles, and dark places that are not cleaned. 

Q: What is a roach?

A: A roach is also called a cockroach which is brown colored. 

Q: How to manage bugs?

A: To manage bugs, critters, and termites, you can spray an anti-pest solution. 

Q: Can bugs prefer light?

A: Bugs are seen in daylight. 

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