Who Is Mary Lee Harvey?- A Bio

Who Is Mary Lee Harvey?- A Bio
Who Is Mary Lee Harvey?- A Bio

Mary Lee Harvey is one of the well-known social media personalities. She is the second wife of Steve Harvey, a famous American sitcom actor, producer, and writer as well. Mary has become an iconic figure after being married to Steve. Her decision to live with this American actor was perfect. However, the life the couple led was not smooth. In 2003, both showed bravery by claiming a mutual settlement to live separately. Find out about his life in detail and how she won the battle. 

Who Is Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary Lee Harvey was born in 1960. Her home city is Texas. Arlington in TX is her birthplace where she grew fast to attain maturity under parental care. She is not an actress to share moments with Steve. Better to say, that people know her as the wife of Steve whose professional career is much more dynamic and productive. As the soul partner of this top American actor, she got the same exposure on social media. People like to discuss the elegance of Harvey’s family. 

Professional Career of Mary Lee Harvey 

Right now, many unknown people have become famous due to their sound family background or growing relationship with celebs. Mary Lee is such a woman who has no specific training to work in high class. She is not a renowned actress. People came to know that she worked in a local beauty parlor. She found Steve during her stay in Arlington, TX. She was recognized after her second time dating Steve.

Social Media Influencer 

Mary Lee Harvey Instagram account is in the public domain due to her romantic venture with an American celebrity. Her social media presence is quite amazing and interesting. She is backed by millions of followers who honor her contribution to become the wife of a celebrity. Mary Lee Harveyis now 63-64 years old and her current residence is based in Texas. She is caught posting various photos projecting their intimacy before the divorce. 

Wedding Mary Lee Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve have a long history because they have previous marriages. Before dating Mary, Steve dated and then married Marcia Harvey. Brandi and Karli are sweet daughters fathered by Steve. He has a son named Broderick Harvey from his first marriage. So, it is not the first dating attempt from the side of Steve. On the other hand, Mary is also proud of rearing her son Stephen at her first wedding. Both were seen dating a second time as they felt lonely. Wedding Mary Lee Harvey was disturbing to put a barrier between Mary and Steve permanently. 

The second Marriage Ended in a Painful Separation

 Romance is always uncertain and risky for the couple. Misfortune started after a few years of marriage. Mary Lee understood that her husband was rough to treat her. She complained but she was thrown back. Steve is a popular TV host as well. He alleged that his second wife was not cooperative and cool. She lowered his prestige and honor by stampeding him as an imposter. She even threatened her ex-husband.

Aftermath Consequences 

Steve and Mary Lee were not happy as they confronted. She told reporters that she had no other alternative to escape. He is a cheater who has again fallen in love with someone secretly. She wanted to be legally separated from her hubby. The final result is not pleasing for fans. They got the freedom to go elsewhere to build up their careers without depending on each other. This isolation is the lesson for Mary Lee Steve to survive even in adversity. 

As an Independent Woman 

Mary Lee Harvey is self-reliant whose bond with Steve has broken. She is right now occupied doing other household work like child care and home maintenance. She is also responsible for appearing on Instagram with her new photos and videos. Mary Lee Harvey did not welcome another dater to disturb her. She is aged but her iron determination smashed the barriers to take the lady to the last destination. 

Caustic Imprisonment 

A tormented lifestyle disheartens Mary Lee as she does not expect the arrival of bad days. She bickered with her ex-partner. In a report, Steve counter-attacked by alleging that his second wife was arrogant to affect his acting career. She abused him as a punishment. Therefore, the court order was issued to send the lady behind the bar for rigorous imprisonment. However, later she was able to get the release order to leave the detention camp. 

Where is Mary Lee Harvey Now?

Many admirers and critics enquire to have the answer to this question “Where is Mary Lee Harvey Now?” She does not prefer the public gathering and openness in society. She is now in Arlington which is the starting point for her to begin education for career building. Mary Lee Harvey is nostalgic with desires to spend time on childcare and personal interests. 

Why Did Mary Lee Move to the Court for Separation?

Mary Lee unearthed a secret love affair between her husband and another woman. She charged her hubby by giving evidence showing the romantic relationship growing with Marjorie. This stranger is the lady who forced Steve to start dating a third time. Marjorie Elaine Harvey provoked Steve to part with Mary Lee, the second better half, to enjoy the right to live with Steve as a legal partner. 

What Is Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth?

The controversy regarding how much Mary Lee earned from her professional career has not disappeared yet. Nor is there any specification about Mary Lee Harvey’s net worth. She was attached to a cosmetic shop or parlor to do facial makeup and skin grooming of clients. Her net worth may be 1 million dollars including total proceeds given by Steve. 

Short Bio

  • Good Name                                                        Mary Lee Shackelford 
  • Birthday                                                               October 20, 1960
  • Age                                                                        63 years old
  • Zodiac Sign                                                          Libra
  • Place of birth                                                     Texas, USA
  • Currently living                                                  Texas, USA
  • Nationality                                                          American
  • Marital status                                                    Divorce
  • Children                                                               Wynton Harvey

Mary Lee is an American ethnic lady whose primary religion is Christianity. Her personal profile details include black-colored eye balls. She is 5’7” tall with 65 kilo body weight. She is very much romantic and adventurous. 


Mary Lee Harvey has not said anything clearly about her futuristic plans. She covered her previous marriage life and relationship with Steve. To be brief, she likes to be free from the bondage of conventional marriage ethics. She keeps her distance from her friends, family members, and even ex-husband. 


Q: Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

A. Mary Lee Harvey is the second wife of Steve Harvey- a famous artist.

Q: Who Is Steve?

A. Steve Harvey is the second husband to be committed to helping her anytime.

Q: Why is Mary Lee Famous?

A. Mary Lee is famous for her long-term relationship with Steve.

Q: Are both Mary and Steve happy to live together?

A. Mary Lee Harvey took an oath for complete separation from her husband.

Q: Why is Steve popular?

A. Steve is an American comedian and producer. He is popular as he is a dear TV host to manages and organizes many social events.

Q: What is the birth place of Mary Lee?

A. Mary Lee was born to a family which honored actors, artists, and musicians.

Q: What is the profession of Mary Lee?

A. Before the wedding, she was a beautician.

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