Privacy Policy

Welcome to Tonerem, We are an authorized toner cartridge manufacturer and supplier with a chunk of over 10 years of working experience. Tonerem holds the copyrights without permitting third parties to copy or scan any information from our site. We do not allow any third party to violate our specific terms and conditions regarding product sale/buy. As of now, we are obliged to restrict the activities concerning our business deals. We offer high-quality laser toner cartridges with ink. Our products are safe and eco-friendly. Our experts test, and evaluate all the products before sale. We abide by specific laws and regulations to maintain transparency in our business.

Data Security

Tonerem does not leak data which are collected from our customers. We never allow anyone to hack the data. Therefore, our management team has upgraded anti-hacking software to reinforce data security. Junk cookies, pop-up screens with free radicals, and spyware are not accepted by us. We block the gateways of entry of viruses, malware, and destructive components that damage our reputation. Customers’ history including payment proofs, billing, previous due clearance, order confirmation, and personal data are stored on the server for safety reasons. The information is not subject to leakage tampering or illegitimate transfer to a third party. We strictly prohibit the process of fraudulence and unlawful tracking.

No Accountability Posting Content on Linking Sites

We do not take responsibility for screening content posted on linking sites. If any customer dares to upload any content and personal information on the linking sites, we are not accountable to them. We have no connection with these linking sites. So, before making posts on these third-party sites, you should go through their terms and conditions.

Concern about Cookies

Sometimes, we send ads popping up on our website to hit your email inbox. The ad agencies use our bandwidth to display ads with cookies. When you receive such cookies plus ads from our side, you are protected. These cookies help advertisers recognize your system for delivering information to your email inbox. We do not allow other unlisted advertisers to use our web space to send cookies to our subscribers.

Lastly, we are not responsible for any deal that our customers complete with third-party vendors whatsoever. In the case of loss of products/structural damage/mismatching, we follow the pre-configured rules strictly.

Contact Information

If you have any questions to ask us, you should visit our official domain  for further details.

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