Brief Overview of Tracy Morgan Net Worth

Tracy Morgan Net Worth
Tracy Morgan Net Worth

Tracy Morgan net worth is close to the big amount – $70 million after a rough estimation. Tracy Morgan has earned all financial resources from the acting world. He is a popular comedian who starred in top movies and TV shows. His fame spread across America and other parts of the world after his first performance on Saturday Night Live. From 1996 to 2003, this TV series ran successfully promoting his acting talent. Besides, Tracy Morgan was nominated for an Emmy award for his outstanding performance. 

Who Is Tracy Morgan?

Tracy Morgan is a renowned and famous comedian who has stunned the audience. His comeback as Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock is a turning point. He got the role of Jordan from Tina Fey. This TV show redefines his early life which he caricatured funnily. Movie critics and journalists appreciated his indefatigable effort and dedication to play this unique comical role on 30 Rock. 

Early Life of Tracy Morgan

The early lifestyle of Tracy Morgan was not smooth as he had to compromise a lot to stay with his parents. He was born on 10th November 1968 in the Bronx, New York. Alicia is his mom who is a homemaker. She was married to Jimmy who fathered Tracy. Jimmy was a musician but he encountered AIDS after getting infected with hypodermic needles. 


The story is pathetic for Morgan who suffered a lot during his boyhood days. His father was a drunkard and addicted to marijuana drug. He parted with his wife and five kids behind. This departure caused mental trauma eating into the mind of Morgan. He tried to restore his wellness but failed.

He was sent to Tompkins Houses to complete his education. In 1987, Jimmy experienced a severe health breakdown followed by symptoms of cardiac disorders, trauma, and stress. That year, he died without giving his family members any notification.

Struggles for Survival

Morgan did not waste his time. He was married to begin his own life. The small family wanted him. He struggled to earn money. At that time, he was advised by his friend to start a career as a comedian. He did not think that he would be a famous comedian to entertain people. Luck favored him with both fame and money. It is the secret to his success in the professional domain. 

Career and Achievement 

Man is not a static entity but he has the speed to go forward. Morgan is also a good man who has the ambition to go up instead of running down. The humiliation and poverty destroyed his early life. He regretted his failure.

However, he is a genius artist who has terrific self-confidence to outrank others by showing his talent. Bad days were gone with the arrival of sunrise. A lot of acting offers from movie directors and producers came to him. The successful movies he starred in are Cop Out, “The Longest Yard” and “Death at a Funeral”. 

Appearing Funny

People discovered him as a funny character who never frustrates people. His acting stalwartness is again properly evaluated in a few movies like “Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue” (2011), “Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide” (2014), and “Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive” (2017).

Besides, his artistic craftsmanship was shown in “The Last O.G.” and “I Am the New Black,” made in 2009. He had to work round the clock to improve his status. Read journals to have more current data about Tracy Morgan net worth. 

Career Profile 

Tracy Morgan did not look back but he was a trailblazer to lead the team. In 1994, Morgan appeared in Martin. It is a TV series on the Fox channel. His dynamic character is Hustle Man. He worked hard to play in this TV show. Saturday Night Live is another success for him. His best movies are Half Baked” (1998), “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”(2001), “How High” (2001), and “Head of State” (2003). 


  • 2010Screen Actors Guild Awards 
  • 2009Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • 2008Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • 2007Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • 2016Emmy
  • 2012Screen Actors Guild Awards

Started New Venture 

Tracy Morgan designed his fate. He knew that people needed him. He continued lending his voice and talent to act in top movies, dramas, and TV serials. His fans remember The Tracy Morgan Show in which Tracy is the main character. He shared the space with Tina Fey. He also acted with Alec Baldwin and Krakowski. The greatest achievement is his terrific acting potential to amaze the audience by starting in 30 Rock.

This TV show has completed a total of 138 episodes. He was selected as the Emmy Award nominee. His acting career graph is complicated due to his versatility and awesome performance. He completed many movies and short-ranged TV series as well. 

Uncountable Accolades and Awards 

Tracy Morgan is a jewel in the entertainment industry. He used innovative acting techniques without spoiling the purpose of the movie. He cooperates with movie directors to make the films successful. Tracy Morgan got numerous credits, accolades, and appreciation from fans. He was the main attraction in the movie industry when he was a superstar. Brian Fellows and Astronaut Jones are two fictitious characters whom people remember still. 

Awful Car Accident

Back in the day, Morgan faced several tragic incidents. Father’s exposure to AIDS and then untimely death did not repair his wounded heart. He cried in silence to understand the severity of adversity. When he was able to tackle this situation, he got another jolt. The car accident took place in New Jersey. Tracy and his co-mates traveled by a minibus.

Suddenly, a boxy Walmart tractor cum trailer collided with their minibus. It resulted in the injury of several persons. James McNair did not escape. He was announced dead on the spot. Morgan managed to survive with heavy deep cuts on their face and boy in a pool of blood. He was admitted to a hospital. After a week or two, he was released to go back home. 

Legal Action Against Walmart 

Morgan went to court filing a lawsuit against Walmart for this car accident. He claimed a settlement of $90 million. They put him in a wheelchair to move him. Tracy Morgan did not have the efficiency to walk alone. The court proceedings continued to settle the issue. 

Tracy Morgan Net Worth 2023

Tracy Morgan Net Worth

After a long quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic period, Tracy again came to join the studio. Tracy Morgan net worth 2023 crossed $70 million breaking the previous record. The estimated amount is $75 million. Comparatively, Tracy Morgan net worth 2022 was $69 million. 

More information

Regarding Tracy Morgan’s net worth reports were published last year. He obtained chunks of revenue by casting in movies and TV series. If you need more updates, you should read blogs on a biography of Morgan. His credit bureau reports can help you estimate your current net worth. 

Personal Lifestyle of Morgan

Tracy Morgan has a romantic story to share. He chose Sabin, a beautiful teenage girl to date. They dated and lived together to produce cute kids. Tracy Jr. Gitrid and Malcolm are kids. Unfortunately, Sabina expired in 2016 as she had cancer. Herein lies another story about his separation from Sabina. Megan is the third person to intervene to damage the peace.

Sabina was a cancer patient and fought with death. Meanwhile, Tracy filed for separation from Sabina to marry Megan. Morgan committed crimes by driving vehicles and consuming alcohol. He met with accidents causing damage to another vehicle. Police arrested him for the massacre.

Relationship Graph 

  • Alicia Warden — Mother
  • Asia Morgan — Sister
  • Gitrid Morgan – Son of Tracy
  • Malcolm Morgan — Son
  • Maven Sonae — Son
  • Tracy Morgan Jr. — Son
  • Megan Wallover — Wife
  • Sabina Morgan — Wife (divorced and she also died of cancer)
  • James Morgan — Brother
  • Gitrid Morgan — Daughter
  • Maven Sonae Morgan — Daughter
  • Jimmy Morgan — Father


Tracy Morgan, a noted American actor, excels in his comedy role. He is also a good humanitarian with philanthropic love. He financed many charity shows and foundations. The short biography of this talented actor is an example for the young generation. He is still alive to live with his family members.


Q: Who is Tracy Morgan?

A: Tracy Morgan is an American sitcom actor and he is an Emmy award winner.

Q: How old is Morgan?

A: Morgan is a 55-year-old actor with multiple kids including a stepson.

Q: What is Morgan’s tragedy?

A: Tracy Morgan met with a car accident in New Jersey and he lost his co-mates.

Q: Who is Sabina?

A: Sabina is his first wife. He married a second time after separation.

Q: What is the allegation against Morgan?

A: Morgan consumed wine and drove the car colliding with other vehicles.

Q: What is the reason for separation from Sabina?

A: The allegations against Morgan are drug addiction, alcohol infidelity assaulting their wife.

Q: Who is Jimmy?

A: Jimmy is the father of Morgan.

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