Brief Summary of Flemish Giant Rabbit for Sale Including Behavior/Traits

Flemish Giant Rabbit for Sale
Flemish Giant Rabbit for Sale

The Flemish giant rabbit for sale is intelligent and sporty. This pet was found in Belgium in the 16th century. The lovely rabbits are spacious and strong. Therefore, they are dear pets to animal lovers. Usually, a full-grown Flemish giant rabbit weighs 14 pounds or 6.3 kilos. Energetic pets are healthy and modest. A quick buying guide helps newbie buyers purchase the best Flemish giant rabbits.

What Is Flemish Giant Rabbit for Sale?

The Flemish giant rabbit for sale is a cute pet that is known for its playful manner. To buy and raise this animal, you need to know about their habits, behavioral patterns, and health. The big and salubrious rabbit runs fast and catches the prey. To know more about their lifestyles, you should go through the updated pet care blogs, articles, and periodic e-journals. Many non-profit organizations organize rabbit rehab programs.  By attending these shows, you will be familiar with the different characteristics of giant rabbits.

About Flemish Giant Rabbit

The Flemish giant rabbit for sale is a domestic pet that is docile and cool. This pet animal matches the European subspecies. Experts have come to know that Flemish giant rabbits were seen in Flanders- the extreme northern side of Belgium. After research on Flemish giant rabbits, experts also concluded that maybe the forefather of this species is connected with the Patagonian line-up. Right now, this particular breed is extinct. In the past, maybe, Flemish giant rabbits were raised and bred because of collecting meat and thick fur for sale.

Amicable Nature of Flemish Giant Rabbits

The amicable nature of Flemish giant rabbits for sale entices buyers. Their healthy bodies are also boxy to appear giants. Therefore, people like to take Flemish giant rabbits to homes. Usually, they are not aggressive to bite but they can damage you. Due to impatience and lack of care, this rabbit may be stressed to behave rudely.

Food to Eat

Rabbits are clever and jolly. They need regular nutritional packs so that they can complete their biological processes successfully. Usually, Flemish giants are herbivorous. They eat grains vegetables and pellets. Timothy hay is one of the delicious foods for rabbits. They are also found munching green grass blades and herbs. However, when they are collected in a cage for raising, they have to become healthy to fight adverse situations. Health improvement supplements are prescribed to boost their immunity. They like to take a lot of fresh water to hydrate their bodies. You must arrange fresh water and nutritious food while rearing your giant rabbit at home.

Where to Rehab Flemish Giant Rabbit?

Flemish Giant Rabbit for Sale

Flemish giant rabbits are joyous and comfortable to live in a big size cage. Due to their gigantic figures, Flemish giant rabbits for sale do not get comfort within small enclosures. The bottlenecked ambiance becomes odorous and unhygienic. The kennel or cage should have sufficient space to accommodate rabbits. A feet adult height cage is suitable for a full-grown Flemish species. You can’t choose the smallest enclosure without any window. It will be difficult for a rabbit to move freely. Gradually, they will be weak due to the suffocation inside the portable enclosure.

Suitable Café

The 3-foot x4 4-foot size enclosure fits the Flemish pet. In this regard, you can watch sample videos and 3d models to have an idea about the perfect size of the rabbit’s cage. An expert is also a mentor for you to have more information before buying Flemish giant rabbits for sale near me.

Giant Flemish Rabbit for Sale – What to Consider?

The giant Flemish rabbit for sale is promoted commercially. A healthy and young rabbit is attractive for its gorgeous look, deep fur, and frivolity. The rabbit can be a pet animal like a dog. That means you can consider it as a domestic animal that is very much caring. When you try to buy any young or mature Flemish rabbit, you must make a list of eligibility criteria. A developed rabbit is intelligent, proactive, and dynamic. He has a superior appearance with excellent physical firmness. Your pet must be healthy, strong, and physically competent.

Type of Flemish

You need to learn whether Flemish is a part of a European subspecies or cross-bred. Ask the breeder or expert to give you details about the type and breeding of the pet. Even you can check the free pictures with a bio for new updates about Flemish’s background.


Aging is an unavoidable factor. You can’t bear the pain and harassment of taking an aged weak pet. The rabbit should have awesome fitness with youthfulness. You can buy a newborn rabbit baby for nestling. The tiny rabbit grows in your lap to become an adult pet. However, many assume that the aged rabbit is trained fantastically.

You can teach him the lessons of patience and obedience. The small baby of the rabbit is not adult enough to understand all your commands. It is time-consuming to educate a young sibling of a Flemish rabbit. On the other hand, the matured Flemish learns fast how to be obedient to its master.

Body Weight

 An adult Flemish giant rabbit for sale weighs 6.3 kilos approximately. The body weight depends on age, health, and the type. By checking the features of the pet rabbit, you will know the body measurements, color, and other traits.

Vaccinated Pets

Flemish rabbits are bold physically. However, the wide and protruded chest of the pet is prone to dysplasia and other diseases. You should vaccinate your pets. If you decide to buy the rabbit from a pet care center, the rabbit must have vaccines.

Do Medical Check-ups before the Final Deal

Flemish Giant Rabbit for Sale

Before you purchase the Flemish giant rabbit, you should monitor the health of the pet. Through medical check-ups and lab tests, you will evaluate the competency of the pet animal. Any pre-existing disease of the Flemish giant rabbit is harmful as you will have to bear the expense of curing your pet from the very beginning.

Where to Buy Flemish Giant Rabbit for Sale?

Flemish giant rabbit for sale near me is the caption on any ad display board. People who are interested in buying the attractive Flemish rabbit must contact the nearest pet care clubs. The online breeders running the pet care society can help you by offering the top handsome Flemish giant rabbits. Besides, you can go to the local pet rehab centers where pets are groomed and taken care of.


Flemish Giant Rabbit for sale is available at different prices. If you want to collect the young sibling, the price will be comfortable. The matured Flemish giant rabbit is comparatively expensive. The frivolous cunning pet is the asset of your home. So, you must buy the best-in-class pet animal to grow at home. Finally, by reading blogs, articles, and reviews on rabbits, you will have more important facts to analyze for successful deals.


Q: What is Flemish?

A: Flemish giant rabbit is a world-famous pet animal.

Q: What are the traits of the Flemish giant rabbit?

A: Flemish giant rabbits are swift, cunning, intelligent, and physically active pet animals.

Q: What is the importance of pet grooming?

A: By grooming pets, you will keep the animals healthy, and bright.

Q: Where to keep Flemish giant rabbits?

A: Flemish giant rabbits are comfortable to stay in spacious enclosures or kennels where a breathable ambiance is available.

Q: Is it risky to breed Flemish?

A: Choosing the same genetic features is easy to pure-breed Flemish. However, it is also risky for cross-breeding.

Q: Why do you vaccinate pet animals?

A: Pet animals should be vaccinated to strengthen their immunity.

Q: Can a rabbit bite a man?

A: Rabbit has teeth to bite anyone.

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