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Guide How to Clean White Quartz Countertops?

White Quartz Countertops
White Quartz Countertops

White quartz countertops are brilliant home décor devices. The wonderful aesthete of the white-colored quartz countertops is awesome to stun the audience. The valuable devices are considered to be assets for homeowners. To decorate the kitchen, you should include quartz countertops in various shapes. However, it is also essential for you to keep all your quartz-made countertops clean and fit. 

What Are White Quartz Countertops?

White quartz countertops are specially designed. Unlike ordinary stonework, quartz is valuable and resilient. It is easy for artists to do better paintwork on quartz devices. The solid construction of the quartz countertops stays longer without havoc maintenance. The color fastness of white quartz is enhanced. Therefore, for decorating a kitchen, it is, indeed, necessary for you to include white quartz countertops in the list. 


The white quartz countertop is scratch-proof. That means you can’t make holes in the body of the quartz device easily. The sturdy body does not experience the bruise and dents. It is a quintessential device that can give you lifetime support. 

Great Luster

One of the features of quartz white countertops is its luminous luster. The glossiness of the countertop is awe-inspiring to improve the look of your luxurious kitchen. 

How to Clean White Quartz Countertops?

The guide on how to clean white quartz countertops is free online to help you understand the process of removing gunk from the countertops. The cleaning process is simple but you should be serious about detoxifying the old soiled countertops. Cleaning quartz-based artifacts is less complicated but you must follow the rules. Usually, the quartz countertops are resistant to mild scratches.

It is true that improper maintenance damages the durability of the devices. Quartz is an engineered device that is purified by applying cleansers. To enhance the brightness of the quartz countertops, you need to cleanse the countertops carefully. 

How to Clean Quartz?

White quartz kitchen countertops should be completely sanitized and cleaned by using dish soap, warm water, microfiber cloths, nonabrasive glass cleaner, and biodegradable sponges. You should not manhandle your quartz countertop roughly. You need to be careful by cleaning the debris slowly. Applying dishwater to the countertop, you need to take a sponge that is non-abrasive for cleaning purposes. Drag your sponge across the surface of the quartz countertop so that there will be no residue. 

Remove Deep Seated Gunk

Eliminate the gunk, and waste materials by rubbing the exterior texture of the device. The warm soap water should not have any colorant or junk toxins for faster cleaning. It is not profitable for you as the countertops are sensitive to the chemical accelerators. The best way is to opt for biodegradable qualitative cleansers to de-gun the countertops. 

Prevent Discoloration of Quartz Countertops 

White Quartz Countertops

Sometimes, the thick build-up of harmful spills and stains discolor the texture of quartz countertops. Gradually, these devices will look ugly and discolored. To prevent such discoloration, you need to remove spills and stain marks faster. See, there must not be any deep sign of dent or scratch left on the surface of the countertop. White quartz countertop colors are natural and long-lasting. So you should not use any harmful element to surpass the glow of the device. 

Anti-UV Sealant 

The random exposure to raw sunlight leads to the color fadedness of the countertop made of engineering quartz material. The UV is detrimental to wiping out the glossiness of the device. You should think of using the anti-UV sealant to inhibit the discoloration. The yellowish color of the quartz countertop is prevented by using the affordable anti-UV sealant. 

No Citric Acid 

Experts do not recommend citric acid for cleaning countertops. Quartz has a natural elegance and original glossiness. You should not use any cleanser which has a lot of acidic elements including citric acid. It weakens the structural resilience discoloring the smooth quartz texture. 

Is It Beneficial to Use Windex Cleanser?

Windex has PH concentrates in high volume. For regular countertop cleansing, it is not a good idea to apply Windex. PH diminishes the clarity and aesthetic quality of the countertop. It is therefore better for you to avoid Windex to maintain quartz countertops. Instead, biodegradable soap water is a good alternative. 

What to Remember?

The Quartz countertops do not bear the acidic elements. The strong acid burns the surface of the device. Therefore, home-based techniques are very handy for maintaining countertops made of quartz. Lime water, simple detergent, and soap water are applied to flush out the debris/gunk/burnt residues from the countertops. 

Preventive Care 

Do not keep your white quartz countertops close to the heat. The extreme heat cracks the wall of the device. The countertops with the heat-resistant mat/attachments are safe. Try to clean your quartz countertops when there is no heat nearby. 


White quartz countertops have awesome beauty and elegance. You can install the top classic quartz countertops in your kitchen. However, it is more significant for you to do the proper upkeep of the quartz countertops in compliance with universal device maintenance and cleaning guidelines. 


Q: What is quartz?

A: Quartz is a type of granite stone.

Q: What is quartz countertop?

A: Quartz countertop is durable, resilient, and beautiful to decorate your kitchen.

Q: Is quartz countertop durable?

A: Quartz countertop is made of stone and it is durable.

Q: How to clean quartz device?

A: There are different cleaning methods including removing gunk and sediments from the countertop using soap water/lemon juice etc.

Q: Is it useful to use an acidic cleanser to clean quartz countertop?

A: The acid-based cleanser is harmful to the durability of quartz countertop.

Q: What is home-based device cleaning?

A: Home-based or DIY device cleaning is the process of detoxifying quartz countertops with simple detergent, dishwater soap, and lemon extract.

Q: What is device discoloration?

A: Due to the exposure to the gunk, stain, and spill, the device can be discolored and faded.

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