How to Put Your Face On Another Picture?

How to Put Your Face On Another Picture?

Face swapping is now a trend in the virtual world. It is a new way of changing headshots for attractiveness. By replacing your face with another’s one, you can appear more dynamic and handsome. A straight guide on how to put your face on another picture is given in this article. 

What Is Face Swap?

The face swap is the art of editing a photo with the replacement of a headshot. It is not as complicated as you think. Technically, transfer the headshot to the target photo to create a new facial image. This type of face swap is required for promoting business and enhancing brand sustainability and entertainment. 

Miocreate- Best Face Swap Platform 

You can easily put your face on a celebrity’s headshot to produce a magnificent photo. See, you can become an iconic figure to impress prospects to buy your products. People will take you as a celebrity. The best part of such fake face or headshot replacement is that your website must receive a high volume of web traffic. Miocreate is a reliable place for swapping single or multiple headshots artistically. A quick technical guide gives you a chance to swap your face within seconds. 

How to Put Your Face on Another Photo?

  • Visiting the Miocreate website, you can start photo swapping independently
  • Upload your base photo for swapping
  • Upload another target photo to edit 
  • Now you will see two different screenshots on display 
  • Click the face swap button 

Within milliseconds, the newly swapped photo with the proper background setting pops up on your Android screen. 

Swap Multiple Faces 

Similarly, you can swap multiple faces by uploading the target photos for editing. Even it is possible to produce reels and videos containing swapped headshots. Miocreate offers free photo-swapping apps that reduce your time. Any thumbnail headshot is edited on the Miocreate platform. The AI tool is available for generating masterpiece headshots. If required, you can take printouts of the swapped photos. 

Swap Under-age Photo

At Miocreate face swap, it is free to swap any type of photo including under-age headshots. In a family album, you will find multiple faces. You can remove the headshot in the middle or sideways of the photo. Through the photo swapping process, it is easy to put your recent headshot on the under-age picture. To do that, you need to upload the family photograph online and then the base photo for replacement. Both screenshots must be paired horizontally or vertically. The method is simple to remember. Put your recent face on the specific picture to generate the new photo album. You are now mature and elegant in the recent family album. 

No Spam

Miocreate does not spam the content. The data security is excellent. Artists use smart AI photo-swapping apps that are not unsafe for them.

Face Swap for Business Promotion

Miocreate is one of the reliable websites for artists to do face swapping. Old and dull faces can be transformed into elegant facial images with perfect backgrounds. These swapped photos attract more leads for easy conversion into hyper-sales. By editing your face, you are now a smart dude who has a dynamic personality. Prospects can’t track you due to the fake photo swapping. In the case of brand awareness and business promotion, face swap technology is a must. 


Miocreate reduces the cost of photo swapping and editing. With free face swap apps, it is a game to produce a superb dynamic face. By downloading an online face swap AI app, you can start the funny game of headshot replacement. 

Lip Syncing 

The swapped faces can be upgraded by lip-syncing. Put the voice on the lips to adjust to your swapped headshot. You can replace your voice with the authority of another voice. It will make you a smart guy with an impressive voice to impress others. 

Increase Social Media Presence 

On TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, upload your new photos after swapping. You will receive frequent feedback and likes. People appreciate your beautiful face. With advanced AI technology, you can translate the video into different international languages like Spanish and French. Miocreate delivers an assortment of hi-tech face-swapping tools for editing faces. 


Photo swapping is a new mechanism for you to build up an image for business growth. It is a new marketing strategy to motivate the leads without changing the background scenario. Smart AI face swap tool reformats your face with complete color matching. Your online presence will last longer through face swapping. Miocreate is a top-notch website that gives you a hassle-free face-swapping option for enhancing social engagement. Visit the site of Miocreate to become a regular member to swap photos instantly. 

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