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Floating Stairs – Types, Design, and Benefits – Straightforward Guide

Floating Stairs
Floating Stairs

Floating stairs are cantilever stairways that float in the air giving you a lot of space to climb up and down. The modern luxurious homes are decorated with nice stairs which suspend off the wall. You must have a different experience while going upstairs and downstairs. The look of your home becomes more attractive because of such inclusion in the list of home décor items. Sleek suspended stairways add glamor and grandeur to the living room. Learn more about the benefits and types of the floating stairs. 

What Are Floating Stairs?

The floating stairs have rows of horizontal treads which are built up with the individual stringers running beneath the staircases. The floating stairs have mono or double rails or bars which are supportive systems to protect the whole stairs. The treads are of different shapes with the proper anti-slip sealant to minimize the slipping tendency. The floating stairs can be U-turn, L-shaped, and gyre-shaped. 

What Are Various Types of Floating Stairs?

Modern floating stairs give life to your home décor enhancing the innovation in the structure. The zigzag serpentine stairways with risers suspending in the air make you adventurous. You must wonder when you scale up the stairs to reach your rooms easily. The lightweight structure of the stairway is fashionable and it is available in various shapes. Spiral, curvy and winder staircases are durable with superior elegance. The minimalist sleeker floating stairs have comfortable treads that are spacious for resting your feet on the platforms. 

Modern Stairways Depending on the Stairs Run and Position of Risers 

Floating Stairs

The open riser with the staircase is a common style but several factors influence the stairways design. Depending on the position, number of stringers, and the directional runs of the stairways. The durable open riser stairways are much more dynamic and innovative in style. To bring a change to the look of your home, you can try to install such awesome lightweight hanging staircase systems. 

The Various Shapes 

  • U-Shaped, Mono-Stringer Stairs
  • Straight double-stringer stairs 
  • Straight double-stringer stairways
  • Cantilevered stairs
  • Straight cantilevered stairs with open risers 
  • L-shaped floating stairs 
  • L-shaped and upgraded with double-stringer stairs
  • Zigzag double stringer stairs 
  • Zigzag double-stringer stairs
  • U-shaped enclosed double-stringer staircase 

Benefits of Modern Floating Stairs

Modern floating stairs are advantageous for homeowners who get security and comfort. The stylish modern stairways in cantilevered shape have open horizontal treads which have the maximum non-skid insulation. When you fall your steps on the different treads, you will not slip or roll or get injured. Secondly, the hanging stairways do not need the extra supportive posts and walls. These stairs are long-lasting and reinforced. Beneath the stairs, there is an enclosed room which you can take as the small storage unit. 

Floating Concrete Stairs

Floating concrete stairs have minimalist artwork and look. The concrete supportive systems of the stairs ways give you optimal climbing safety. On a single go, a group of 5- to 20 visitors can go upstairs at your home. During rush hours in the offices, you will see a huge number of visitors walk upstairs and also descend through the treads of the floating concrete stairs. 

  • Pleasing Elegance- The aesthetic appeal of the floating concrete stairs is enhanced. The suspended risers have awesome décor. The overall beauty of the room increases due to the installation of such eco-forward concrete floating stairs. 
  • Eco-forwardness- there is no sign of toxin in the materials used to build up the concrete stairs in floating style. Therefore, the risks are low and the benefits are more by installing such durable concrete floating stairways. 
  • Low Maintenance- Due to the proper infrastructural reinforcement, and durability, the cost of maintenance is controllable and low. Your solid hanging concrete stairs can last over decades without expanding your expenses for annual stair maintenance costs. 
  • High Flexibility- The concrete floating stairs are flexible. You can do quick modifications by renovating the stairs depending on the sizes. Stair renovation is cost-efficient enhancing the resilience of the structure of the stairs. 
  • Noise Reduction- the concrete risers and the side rails are resistant to sound and noise. During heavy footsteps on the horizontal stair treads, there is little noise. You can move safely going upstairs and downstairs. 

Floating Wood Stairs

The home improvement is incomplete if you do not opt for the floating wood stairs. The rustic appearance of your opulent home is restored by installing the resilient floating wood stairs. The curvy design of such solid wood stairways impresses people who are pleased to visit your home or office. We are a trailblazer to upgrade the toner cartridges design tonerem by using the best technology. The wood staircases have a longer life expectancy with a superior exterior look. The wood stairs are expensive and valuable for your home. The appreciation value of your home increases because of the usage of wooden floating stairs.

Floating Loft Bed with Stairs

Floating loft bed with stairs is much space saver giving you a luxurious sleeping opportunity. Due to the shortage of space inside the room, people like to buy floating loft beds with stairs for extra protection. The stairways with risers running upwards to the loft beds are fitted to the home décor. If you like to sleep high on a bed that is much above the floor, it is the right choice for you to install durable loft beds with an open spiral-shaped staircase. 

How to Build Floating Stairs?

You should take the training how to build floating stairs. The fact is that floating stairs have different components like steel, wood, and other non-skid materials. You should calculate the height, shape, and number of treads to count for the construction of the modern floating stairs. If there is sufficient open space In your home, you can increase the size of the stairway for a better position of your stairways. 


Floating stairs add the vibe to your new rooms which are turned into heaven. These lightweight structures give you support as well as physical comfort. You can scale up easily to enter into the rooms standing on the first floor. In this connection, you should consult with the superior consultants to estimate the cost of constructing floating stairs in different dimensions. 


Q: What is a floating stair?

A: Floating stair is a hanging system with the horizontal treads and double stringers anchored to the side posts or walls.

Q: What are the benefits of using floating stairs?

A: Floating stairway is easy to use, low-cost maintenance, and durable.

Q: What are the different types of floating stairs?

A: The floating stairs are found in spiral, U-shaped, L and curvy shaped.

Q: What is a wooden floating stair?

A: Wooden floating stairs have resilient wood which is flexible and anti-slippage.

Q: Is there any metallic floating stair?

A: The metallic floating stair is also found and it is water proof and rust resistant.

Q: Why does the floating stair hang?

A: The floating stairs have double stringers which hold the whole structure in suspending condition.

Q: Where to get the floating stairway?

A: You should contact the experts who are versatile in the installation of the floating stairway.

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